7_29c Zipporah

” … and the Lord came down on Mount Sinai” 
Exodus 18:2-9; 20:2-18

Moses stands, grasping his staff, facing his wife Zipporah and son Gershon at the foot of Mt. Sinai. Moses spent much time here and returned twice to receive the Ten Commandments.  The red sky represents the fire in which G-d descended on Sinai to deliver the Ten Commandments.  (It is constructed of a solid sheet of red art glass, sand blasted so the top of the mountain could be presented.) 
Zipporah came from the land of Midian.  Her costume has patterns used in the area at the time.  Her people were metal crafters; her jewelry reflects their work.  Zipporah’s face is childlike to portray her awe of this event.  Gershon’s face is copied from a photo taken by photographer Roman Vishniac of a child killed in the Holocaust.

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