Rabbi Sokol’s articles and messages

This page presents articles from the Daily Press and elsewhere, latest to earliest, back to 2014


Faith and Values  A Journey of Caregiving with Love (Feb 2019)

Seeing Religion through Child’s Eyes (Dec 2018)

About the Pittsburgh tragedy  (Dec 2018 Temple Bulletin)

Preparing to Break Bread for High Holy Days Turns Nostalgic (Aug 2018)

Summer 2018 message from Temple Bulletin

Blessings of Judaism showcased in spring, May 2018

Rabbi Sokol’s invocation, Virginia House of Delegates, Mar 2018 (contains link and instructions to play)

“Don’t Let Hope Be Extinguished”, Jan 2018

“Embracing the Light of Hanukkah”, Dec 2017

“May lessons of Sukkot make us open to others more”(October 2017)

“Let creative light shine for Rosh Hashana”  (September 2017)

Love Celebrated on Tu b’Av”(August 2017)

Where Sports and Faith Merge ”  (June 2017)

“Remembering the Strength of My Father” (June 2017)

“Strong Women Set Examples for Life” (May 2017)

Remembering Those Displaced, in History and Today (February 2017)

“Embrace Hanukkah’s light, in spite of dark” (December 2016)

“Seeking Peace in Thanksgiving” (November 2016)

“Reflect While Fasting during Yom Kippur” (October 2016)

“Inclusiveness Is the Key”  (August 2016)

“Fusing jazz and Judaism” (May 2016)

“Faith as Family History” (February 2016)

“We must all work together to solve the immigration problem” (November 2015)

“On the January 2015 terrrorist attacks in France”(February 2015)(on page 7 of article)

“Children Need Our Blessings to Thrive” (November 2014)

“All are welcome at Temple Sinai” (August 2014)