Membership dues policy

Temple Sinai Dues Policy (Discussion)


Our dues support a fraction of the operating expenses of Temple Sinai.   Fair Share is the average amount per member.  It is not a “fee for service” but a shared contribution in support of our Temple.  Some members pay more and some pay less than Fair Share.

We do not turn anyone away for inability to pay Fair Share, and those applying for membership pay what they can afford.  We do encourage members to bring dues closer to Fair Share in subsequent years, and a sponsorship plan is available for those wishing to commit to Fair Share over a period of years.

Note that nonmembers pay for admission to High Holy Day services.  College students, enlisted military, and visiting Reform Jews (other URJ congregations) attend without charge.  If nonmembers join during the same fiscal year, their fee is applied toward dues.

Dues are prorated from Dec through May, and those joining in Jun or later pay no dues until the next fiscal year.

“Friends membership” and special rates

“Friends” membership is available to members of other congregations, at a fraction of Fair Share level.    College or graduate students

can become members at no charge.