The Temple Sinai Quilt

The Temple Sinai Quilt 

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The quilt was made in 2000 by a group of women who were Temple Sinai members and two “friends.” One of the friends is Ruth Simmons, who is a master quilter and served as our mentor and instructor as needed. There were several experienced quilters in the group, some who were crafters in another area and some who were total novices.

A group was organized by Ruth Sacks with the intent of making a Judaic Quilt that could be donated to Temple Sinai and displayed there as well as other places if any one else wanted it.

The group consisted of (in alphabetical order):  Rita Cooper, Mary Diner, Rita Meyerson, Jo Moskowitz, Ruth Reiss, Ruth Sacks, Barbara Seligman, Lydia Shipman, Ruth Simmons, and Shirley Stein.

They met weekly for about a year at Temple Sinai with Ruth Simmons hauling her sewing machine and cutting board along with bags of fabric, thread, needles, scissors, iron, and a variety of pictures, patterns and cards to lend inspiration.

Each participant was tasked with making a block that had something to do with Judaica.  Each one chose her own image, with input and advice from others as to design and fabric selection. Additional block designs were chosen by the participants, religious and secular.

When the blocks were completed, they decided on placement and even filled in where necessary. They then decided to place doves on each of the four corners.