Welcome to Our Synagogue

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Welcome to Temple Sinai, your Reform Jewish home in Newport News VA, established in 1955, and active for over 63 years.  

We are an inclusive congregation and welcome all guests, including Jews by heritage, Jews by choice, secular Jews, interfaith families, couples, singles, children, straight, gay, and LGBT+ members.  

Throughout the year, we enjoy celebrating Shabbat and other holidays, learning about Judaism, and socializing when we gather for worship and special events.

Looking for a First-Class Jewish Educational Experience?

Join us on select Sundays for awesome Religious School sessions with Temple Sinai and Friends.

Innovative, Inclusive, Accessible, Hands-on, Intergenerational, Family Fun, and Lifelong Learning.

RSVP to Rabbi Severine Sokol at rabbiseverine@gmail.com or at (314) 628-9196 for more details.

Temple Sinai is located at 11620 Warwick Boulevard just south of Riverside Hospital, near Gatewood Rd., in Newport News.  

Contact:   e-mail or Phone: 757-596-8352
click here for directions

See our Facebook page here.  Also see our menu tabs for further information about Temple Sinai.


Announcements, Events, and Opportunities

1.  Announcements and Events  and Opportunities.   (2) Rabbi Sokol’s message for December relating to the Pittsburgh tragedy (3) Shabbat Services through Jan (4) Adult education (Hebrew class) (6) Opportunities for involvement including PORT on Dec 25/26.

2.      See Rabbi Sokol’s message for December  about the Pittsburgh tragedy.

 3.   Summary of Shabbat Services.  

Saturday, Dec 15, 10 am instead of Friday
Shabbat morning service

Friday, Dec 21, 7:30 pm
Shabbat Malachim service

Friday, Dec 28, 7:30 pm
Shabbat evening service   

Friday, Jan 4, 7:30 pm
Shabbat Service of Healing

Friday, Jan 11, 7:30 pm
Shabbat evening service

Saturday, Jan 19, 10 am (instead of Friday)
Tu B’Shevat Seder  

Saturday, Jan 26, 10 am (instead of Friday)
Shabbat Kabaid and Sandwich lunch     Lunch RSVP Deadline Jan 21

 4.  Adult Education:  Temple Sinai is offering “Aleph Isn’t Enough”, elementary Hebrew, on selected Thursdays at 1 pm, continues Jan 10, 24, and 31, and ends Jun 6.

5   Opportunities to get involved at Temple Sinai:

— Volunteers needed to help PORT serve the homeless Dec 25 (evening) and Dec 26 (morning).  Contact Larry Linn.

–Caring Committee ongoing opportunities to help our members for appointments or Shiva (see Social Action tab under Activities).  

–Pulpit Committee:  additional members needed to line up volunteers for honors at Services.   We will be calling for volunteer readers at High Holy Day services.

–Jewish Food Festival at UJC.  May 29, 2019 next year.  It’s not too early to volunteer; contact Rabbi Sokol.

—Webmaster assistance needed:  to get involved, contact John, jamellman@verizon.net.

6.   Temple Sinai is on Facebook.  Click here for access.