High Holy Days Policy

High Holy Days Ticket Policy for Non-members


Attendance without charge at Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur Services is a benefit of membership in Temple Sinai, including “Friends” membership.  

The following may attend free of charge:  Members of other Reform Jewish congregations; college students; and enlisted military (as well as junior grade officers, i.e. O-1 to O-3).

We require a fee for other nonmembers.  For the first year of High Holy Day attendance, the fee is $125 for a single adult, $250 for a couple, and $300 for a family with children attending.  The fee doubles the second year and each year thereafter.  If you join as a member anytime before Jul 30 of the same fiscal year, your High Holy Day fees are credited towards membershp dues.

See the menu tab “High Holy Day Services” for service times.